Instructor Guidelines for OLLI at Auburn

  • You may make appointments to discuss your course with Bill Sherling, Curriculum Committee Chair ( or John Parr, Curriculum Committee Vice-Chair (

  • You may make appointments for individual assistance in technology by emailing Jack Rogers, Technology Committee Chair,

  • Please understand that as much as we appreciate your willingness to teach, we do not have the funds to provide salaries or honoraria for teaching courses at OLLI.

  • You cannot use your OLLI class to promote religious or political views or products or services in which you have a personal financial interest. Course proposals are screened by the Curriculum Committee for adherence to this requirement.

  • Unless your class enrollment has reached its maximum, any OLLI member is entitled to register.

  • You may have course materials copied by the OLLI staff. Submit the materials electronically to a week before you need them. If you cannot submit materials electronically, place paper copies of the materials to be copied in the brown envelope in your classroom labeled as your course a week before the class when they will be used.

  • To teach a course, please complete the course proposal form, located below, for the Spring 2018 term. Spring 2018 term runs six consecutive weeks, beginning on April 2 and ending on May 10. The deadline for submitting Winter 2019 term course proposals is October 31, 2018.

Course Proposal Form

Last Updated: November 26, 2018