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*Winter 2019 course catalogs will be available January 10.

Winter 2019 Course registration opens Monday, January 14 at 10:00 am, this includes online registration, in-person registration, mail-in registration, phone registration, and any other forms of registration not mentioned here. Turning in a completed registration form does not ensure registration in a course. It ensures your place in line to get into a course.

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OLLI members at a meeting

Membership Fee

Membership in OLLI at Auburn costs just $50 per person per year (from August 1st to July 31st).

  • 2018-19 Membership registration opens August 1 and Winter 2019 course registration is January 14 - 24. Call 844-5165 or 844-5100 to register by phone.
Membership Benefits:
  • Library
  • Course audit (for an additional $150 fee)
  • Extracurricular activities and socials
Register for Courses

Members have the opportunity to take stimulating courses, for which there is an additional academic fee. The fee schedule is:

  • Fall, Winter and Spring (three terms): $200 + $50 due = $250
  • Any two terms: $140 + $50 due = $190
  • Any one term: $115 + $50 due = $165

OLLI Computer Class

The OLLI school year starts in September and runs through May with three terms, Fall, Winter and Spring. Each term you may register for as many courses as desired from the 40-50 courses offered. So for three terms or 21 weeks, you may take an unlimited number of courses for only $200. That works out to less than $70 per term, which is about what it cost when many of our OLLI members were in college!

The Auburn Alumni Association and OLLI Team Up - Join AAA at a Special Rate: The Auburn Alumni Association and OLLI are partnering to offer discounted memberships to each group. The association will be offering the following rates for OLLI members: $425 for an individual life membership, $587 for a joint life membership, $40 for an annual individual membership, and $55 for a joint annual membership. When you become a member, you’ll receive quarterly issues of Auburn Magazine, free entry into the Alumni Hospitality Tent on home game days, and many nationwide and local discounts ( To join the Auburn Alumni Association with these discounted rates, please call the Membership Department at (334) 844-2960. War Eagle!

Financial Aid

If you are interested in the courses but are unable to come up with the funds to pay for your academic fees, assistance may be available. Email for more information.


Last Updated: January 14, 2019